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Welcome To Maker's Mark Herbals

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    A Family Company Focused On Herbal Solutions

    Maker's Mark Herbals was created by Tarra because she could never seem to find truly organic options. Even when she would find a product that was organic, it would always seem to be bought out and the ingredients that made it organic, unique and powerful would be replaced to cut costs.

    Seeing this led Tarra to venture out into creating her own product line using only the best, organic and healthy ingredients possible. She started by creating products to improve the health of her family, but as friends and family expressed a love for her creations, she decided to share her gifts with the world.

    Maker's Mark Herbals is an organic wellness products company focused on harnessing the power of herbs like our ancestors have for thousands of years. In addition, we carefully curate each ingredient for all of our products to ensure that each product is 100% organic and as natural as the day it was harvested.
      Read Our Customer's Reviews!

      "Absolutely loved my experience with them! Honest and open company and recommend to anyone and everyone!! Safest way to go is natures way and this company gives you all natural blends!! ❤️”

      Danielle D., 

      “This is a solid product lineup being put out there by someone whose passion for health and quality is clearly on everything she does. Recommend them whole-heartedly!!”

      Melinda I., Position buyers

      “The Elderberry is sweet and super effective, pulled me out of an early stage of a cold several times. The Skullcap works great also, and tastes great. Skullcap from Maker's Mark Herbals fights off any anxiety or depression that creeps up on me. Give it a try!

      John Lawson,